Author Interview with Richard Bird

I have partnered with The Children’s Book Review and author Richard Bird to bring you a special interview with Richard Bird about his first published book, Goobletygok. Be sure to check out the sponsored giveaway at the end of the interview for your chance to win an autographed copy of Goobletygok.


Created by Richard Bird

Ages 4+ | 24 Pages
Publisher: FriesenPress | ISBN-13: ‎ 9781039143425

Publisher’s Book Summary: Chulippitee. Buckadoodle. Uckeybuckey.

What do these words have in common? Poppy and Freddy invented them!

Freddy and his grandfather, Poppy, love to spend time together. One day, while they’re eating a snack, Poppy says, “Buckadoodle,” to Freddy. What does this mean? Freddy isn’t sure, but Poppy promises he will find out!

Join Freddy and Poppy on this word-game adventure, and maybe invent a word or two of your own that shows your loved ones just how much you care!

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Richard Bird is a grandfather and avid reader who has spent his career crafting policies and leveraging his love of words into creating beautifully written materials. Now, he brings his two passions together in this children’s book inspired by his relationships with his grandsons.

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What inspired you to write Goobletygok?

I loved making up funny words with my first-born grandson. His laughter was contagious when he heard the words. He started making up his own words. When I wrote the book, it was during a down period for me. I had not seen my grandchildren for a while. The writing of the book was kind of a therapy for me, helping me get through the down period.

What do you hope people take away from reading your book?

Fond memories with grandkids can come in so many ways. The reason the memories are fond is because of the love shared between grandchild and grandparent. At the same time, each new day for a child is a day of discovery, of expanding their minds and their imagination. What better way to participate in a child’s discovery process than by having fun doing so?

What are your favorite things to do with your grandchildren?

Walking with them as they are just learning to walk. Seeing the look on their faces that say, “Hey, look what I am doing!” The funny word games. Reading to them. Having them read back. There is a laundry hamper in our bedroom. I would have rolled up socks that they would toddle up to the hamper and dunk the socks in the hamper, “He shoots he scores!” As they get older they are throwing the socks in the hamper, from a distance, and we high five each time the socks go in.

What is a favorite memory you have of spending time with your grandchildren?

Some of them I have already described above. My most favorite was during my first-born grandson’s first year.  I kept saying to him, “What does a cow say? Moo.” Repeating and repeating. One day his dad was changing his diaper. His dad asked, “What does a cow say?” My grandson actually replied “Moo.” His first word. For the next few months, after that, my grandson, whenever he saw me, would go “Moo.”

Why is writing so meaningful to you?

Good question. I am retired now, but a lot of my work career was spent writing policies. Some of my more lengthy policies, in written form, now serve as door stops. Goobletygok is my first published book. I enjoy people enjoying reading my book. What author doesn’t? The writing of this book has kicked in my dormant writing instincts. Since the writing of it, I have started a blog that covers a number of current issues. I have also started doing daily posts on various social media sites with excerpts of a book that I started working on a number of years back. It keeps me occupied.

Will we see more books with Freddy and Poppy in the future?

This interview, with the fond memories that it has evoked has certainly raised the possibility of a second book.


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