Author Interview with Carole P. Roman

I have partnered with The Children’s Book Review and author Carole P. Roman to bring you a special interview with Carole P. Roman about her newest book, Mrs. Spring’s Garden. Be sure to check out the sponsored giveaway at the end of the interview for your chance to win a signed copy of Mrs. Spring’s Garden and a $100 Amazon gift card.

Mrs. Spring’s Garden

Written by Carole P. Roman
Illustrated by Leen Roslan

Ages 4+ | 46 Pages
Publisher: Chelshire | ISBN-13: 9781950080090

Publisher’s Book Summary: Snail and Worm are having a dispute.
It’s causing quite a ruckus in their home.
Many of the other inhabitants of the garden are affected by their fight.
Will they be able to put their differences aside when they learn the garden’s existence is threatened?
What’s a bug to do?

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What inspired you to write Mrs. Spring’s Garden?

During the pandemic, I was sitting on my terrace and watching two bees buzz around a planter. They appeared to be hovering over the plants, and I wondered what they were watching. A butterfly fluttered by, and I was transfixed. It was like I was watching a performance. I decided to write a script about what I thought was taking place, and then I turned it into a story.

What do you hope readers take away from reading Mrs. Spring’s Garden?

I wish people would think about what’s going on in another person’s life before they react. I am appalled by some of the interactions I see on social media. It’s as though we’ve forgotten compassion or manners.  

I was doing a reading in a school the other day, and I asked for volunteers from the audience to come up and read aloud from my books. After each kid read, we all clapped loudly in appreciation. One boy came up and had a great deal of trouble reading. His teacher stood next to him and helped him read. I was so proud of the students when they applauded him, and I’m sure it made his day. I wish everybody could offer support like that.

How has nature been impactful in your life?

I live on a large plot of land that we’ve nurtured for many years. Many of the fruit trees and plants we put in when we bought the property 29 years ago are maturing. I love seeing how things have grown and filled in. I get excited when the chipmunks visit or a fox runs by. I have a family of deer that turn on my ring camera every night. I love to walk with my grandchildren and point out the various trees growing or smell the flowers.

Do you have a green thumb? What’s your favorite thing to grow?

I never had a green thumb. My grandmother did. When she passed away, I took her plants, and do you know what?  I still have them. They are thriving. In the spring, we throw strawberries on the lawn and then look for them when they sprout. 

What do you like most about weaving science content into picture books for children?

I love the wonder of these subjects. I enjoy watching and identifying the stars with my grandchildren.  I could spend hours at an aquarium talking about the different fish. We discuss dinosaurs, volcanos, really anything, and you know I’m a sucker for history.  So, when I include these things in a book, I am hoping it sparks something in a child and makes them want to learn more.



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