When Waiting Gets Hard

A “We’re Hiring” post caught my attention as I scrolled through Instagram. I read the post and clicked on the link in the company’s bio. My interest was piqued, and I felt a pang in my heart as I explored it more.

It sounded perfect. It sounded like something I would love, and it was something I desperately wanted to jump into. I thought about my resume that had been sitting in a file on my computer for years. It needed a bit of work to update, but I had no doubt that I could get it polished and ready to send in a short amount of time.

Even though I desperately wanted to jump up and down and shout that I was interested in the position, I knew I couldn’t apply. I was already working two part-time jobs from home while raising two kids who still weren’t in school yet.

I couldn’t swing a full-time position, or even another part-time position. There weren’t enough hours in the day. I tried to think of any way possible to make something work. We could do this, or we could do that.

But it wasn’t time yet.

Waiting is extremely hard. Stop by Just Between Us for the rest of the article to encourage you if you find yourself in a season of waiting.

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