The Joy of Unplugging

I love watching my children explore and be creative, but sometimes I just want them out of my hair. It’s usually when I’m cooking or cleaning up that I need them to be elsewhere.


The time between lunch and nap is usually when I prep supper and clean up the kitchen. There always seems to be a lot of chaos during those moments. Messes on the floor, dirty dishes in the sink, the washing machine dinging, and a million things running through my head.


Sometimes it’s just easier to let the kids sit in front of the TV for 20 minutes so I can tie up loose ends before naptime.


But I was inspired this week by a post by my dear friend, Becky Kopitzke. She talked about the joy of unplugging and living in the moment. It challenged me to spend more time together as a family, even in those short transition periods of our day.


When my oldest asked to turn on the TV after she finished lunch, I told her she could do something else instead.


The girls sat at the counter while I prepped veggies for stew. Not exactly out of my way, but I enjoyed their company. I cut up carrots and potatoes, and of course they wanted to nibble on the pieces (even though they just ate lunch). Anyone else have kids who eat constantly?


As they took the pieces, I saw them create designs. My oldest created a person with carrot legs and potato arms. As she added to her creation, she told me a story.


Once the veggie person was consumed, the girls moved into the living room and started making a fort with pillows. They were content. They were getting along. They were playing. They were being creative.


And you know what? I didn’t feel as frazzled. There wasn’t extra background noise. It was just the sound of my girls living life. How sweet! How enjoyable!


When we allow kids to be bored, they create, they learn, they do. They make memories.


I’m so glad I chose to keep my kids unplugged that day.


Thanks for the encouragement, Becky!

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