Opening Your Heart to Others

I am not an open person by nature.

I like to keep things to myself.

I like to stay protected, so in the past I would do my best to shy away from vulnerable situations, because I didn’t want people to know the truth. I didn’t want them to see the flaws I worked so hard to cover up.

God has been doing a work in my heart for many years. It has taken a lot of time and a lot of fights with God about stepping out and being vulnerable with someone, but I’m getting there.

I see the value in it.

I see the life-changing power in it.

It’s easy to stay guarded.

It’s natural.

But what is the benefit?

It keeps you comfortable, but a Christian life isn’t about being comfortable. It’s about following Christ. It’s about reaching lost souls.

When you know that your story can change someone else’s life, you might be more willing to open up.

I am not going to become a household name, but God is going to use my simple life to influence the lives of those around me. I have already seen it when I’ve allowed myself to be vulnerable, when I’ve opened up my heart to someone else facing something tough.

I am giving God access to my life and my heart, and I’m excited to see what he will do.

Will you do the same? Will you allow God to remove the walls you’ve created? Will you allow God to use the good, bad, and ugly of your life to help create beauty for someone else?

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