When a Dream Come True Doesn’t Feel Like Happily Ever After

I have struggled with contentment ever since I can remember. It’s so easy to fall into wanting something else, wanting something more, wanting something just out of your reach.


If only I could have…


If only I could be…


The world is constantly screaming at us that we need to have this or that and that we have to be this or that.


It’s all a lie.


It’s all part of Satan’s scheme to make us question our worth and get us to become bitter and jealous.


Hebrews 13:5 says, “Keep your life free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.’”


We have the promise that God is always with us. We don’t need to have the latest and greatest. We don’t need fame and fortune. All of that fades away, but the promise of God stands.


Ever since I was young, I planned on staying home with my kids. It’s what I’ve always wanted.


That dream is a reality, but I catch myself (on more days than I’d like to admit) being jealous of Michael when he goes to work. Oh, to have a “real” job. To get out of the house. To not have to deal with the messes, needs, and tantrums.


But how blessed am I that I get to stay at home with my sweet girls?


How blessed am I that I get to experience their milestones?


How blessed am I that I get to create memory after memory with them?


I lose sight of that.


I forget that my dream has come true. Instead of enjoying it, I look at what I want next. I look at everything everyone else is doing, and I want that. I want to feel like I can contribute more to our budget. I want to feel like I can contribute more to society.


Here I am raising two little ones who are going to do amazing things in this world. I am raising them to know Christ. I am raising them to be able to make a difference in this world. There is nothing more important than the role I have right now in this season, but too many times I lose sight of that because I allow discontentment to creep into my heart.


I have been blessed with so many wonderful things.


This week, instead of looking at everything I want to do or want to be, I’m going to thank God for all that I have. It will change my perspective and my attitude.

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