Something I Never Thought I’d Allow My Kids to Do

I’ve never wanted to be a dance mom. Nothing about it sounds enjoyable. Maybe it’s because of the way the media has portrayed that world. I swore I would never sign my kids up for it, but my four-year-old is starting a dance class in the morning.


Yikes! I’m sitting here biting my nails.


She has a love for dance, and she has a gift for it too. Somehow her body just moves to music. She can match the beat in ways I can’t even comprehend. Not sure where she got her moves (my hubby certainly has no rhythm, and I don’t know much about it either).


But ever since she was in the womb, her little body has moved to music.


I’m going to give this dance thing a try. It doesn’t mean we’re going to stick with it forever, but I want her to be able to do something she enjoys. I want her to explore this passion, because she clearly has a gift.


Exploring an area of interest is one way we can discover how God can use us.


We all have certain things we are drawn to, and those things can be used for something great. We just need to have courage and step outside our comfort zone and give them a try.


That’s what I’m going to be doing tomorrow morning—stepping outside my comfort zone, but I’m excited to see the look on her face when she finds out she gets to go to a dance class.

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