When You Want God to Call Someone Else

“I’m not the right person. You have to choose someone else.”


My girls have been watching the movie Moana over and over again. I think I have most of the lines memorized by now.


As we were watching it for the umpteenth time, the above quote stood out to me. Moana is feeling defeated and questioning her calling.


I can relate to that. I know I’ve made similar comments. There are days I don’t feel equipped to raise my sweet girls because I allow moments of defeat to dictate how I view my calling. I feel that there is someone else more qualified, but God has called me.


He has called you.


You are where you’re meant to be. You are doing amazing things for Him.


In the movie, Moana receives wise counsel to inspire her again. We all need that in our own lives. We need people encouraging us to see that we have been called to do something incredible for the kingdom of God.


Be that voice of encouragement to someone else. Lift them up when they feel defeated.


We all have a purpose to fulfill. Don’t run from it in moments of struggle. Those moments make each of us stronger. They turn us to God for strength.


May you be encouraged. You have been chosen. God hasn’t made a mistake.

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