Being Intentional About Using Your Gift

I have always been a writer.


Ever since I can remember, I’ve scribbled on paper and created stories out of nothing.


I don’t fully understand why, but I’ve always been drawn to the written word. But for the longest time I never wanted to share my writing with other people because it was personal. It was for me.


As I’ve gotten older and grown in my faith, I see that God has put this passion in my heart for a reason. He wants to use it, and I want to allow him to do that. I know this is what I’m supposed to do, but I keep running from it for different reasons.


I want to be an encouragement to others on this walk of life. Too many times I feel as though I need to have it all together. I feel as though I need to have gotten through something before I can encourage others. If I wait until I’m through this season of life before I share my heart with other young moms, my words will not hold the same power.


I have not been very faithful with blogging. I never thought it would be difficult because I used to write at least 2,000 words every day when I was in college, but that season of life was so much different than where I find myself today.


Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning trying to balance all the roles I hold. Sometimes I feel like I do none of it well.


I’ve never walked away from writing, but it’s something that has fallen low on my priority list because so many other things have gotten in the way. But this year I’m making a conscious effort to be more intentional about what I write.


It’s time to make it a priority and stop making excuses. It’s time to be intentional about using this gift and passion.


When we are faithful in the moment, God will use that act to bring hope, healing, an encouragement to someone at the perfect time.


This year I’m working on posting on a regular basis. I want to be faithful with what God has put on my heart. I don’t want to prevent someone from being blessed. How selfish is that?


I’m going to be intentional.


What gift has God given you? Are you using it, or are you keeping it hidden out of fear? Are you being intentional about how you live?


When God places something on your heart, he is giving you an opportunity to display faith to see it through. Will you?

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