Author Interview with Desiree Blanchard

I have partnered with The Children’s Book Review and Tabletop Teaching LLC to bring you a special interview with Desiree Blanchard, author of My Home Filled with Love. Be sure to check out the book giveaway at the end of the interview for your chance to win a signed copy of My Home Filled with Love.

What inspired you to write My Home Filled with Love?

Early childhood development has always been an area of interest of mine. Academically, I completed a master’s degree in Human Kinetics, where my thesis project examined certain child health behaviors in daycare settings. I also work as an Early Interventionist, going into homes to help parents with their child’s overall development. I decided to write this book when my first child was born and after having experience raising a child. I saw first-hand how influential parents can be on young children and how parenting can impact a child’s behavior, learning, and healthy development. 

You are an Early Interventionist and Positive Parenting Practitioner. How does that background influence the way you write books for children?

I took certain concepts I learned through my education, professional training/certifications, and experiences to help guide how I wrote the book. These approaches are what I am passionate about when it comes to early childhood development. I enjoy continuing to read and learn about it, and it was important for me to use them as a guide while writing my children’s book. 

What is one takeaway you hope readers get from your book?

I hope each parent can discover at least one thing about what love looks and feels like for their child within the parent-child relationship. This book is a great opportunity for parents to learn what love can look and feel like from a child’s viewpoint and prompt further discussion between the parent and child while supporting the attachment relationship. 

Why is a child’s home environment so important?

The child’s environment is important because early experiences and relationships stimulate a child’s overall development in the first five years. It lays the foundation for future learning, behavior, and health. The brain grows fast, starting before birth and continuing into early childhood. 

What is one way that parents can help establish a nurturing and inclusive home?

A few things to consider are being present with your child, spending 1:1 quality time with each child even if you only have 10 minutes of time and creating a caring environment of trust and respect.  

Do you have a favorite memory of your childhood home you’d like to share?

I have many childhood memories, but my favorite is spending Friday nights with my family. We would always make time to do a game night and order pizza or watch movies and eat popcorn.


Written by Desiree Blanchard
Ages 3+ | 40 Pages
Publisher: Tabletop Teaching LLC | ISBN-13: 9798985961355

Publisher’s Book Summary: This beautifully illustrated children’s book is more than just another cute rhyming story. My Home Filled With Love shows kids and parents what a nurturing environment at home is all about. With this story, kids will learn more about how much you, as their parent or caregiver, love them with every choice you make.

My Home Filled With Love is a must-have for new parents, old parents, and all the parents in between! Written by Desiree Blanchard, Positive Parenting Instagram Influencer and Early Child Interventionist, this book is a perfect gift for parents looking to create a nurturing and inclusive environment for their kids!

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Desiree Blanchard is an Early Interventionist and a Positive Parenting Practitioner. She completed her Master’s degree in Human Kinetics, where she evaluated certain child health behaviors in a daycare setting. Desiree also has many trainings and certifications in early childhood development.

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