My Little Girl Has Big, Brave Dreams

At six years old, my daughter informed us she wants to be a soldier.

When we heard from the ultrasound tech that we were having another girl, that was not exactly the career path that popped into our heads.  

There’s something absolutely terrifying knowing your child wants to do something big like this. I’m sure I’d be petrified if I had a son with the same ambition, but there’s something extra scary about it being your little girl.

There’s something weighty about raising a daughter who wants to be a soldier.

But honestly, it’s not a surprise at all.

God has wired her in a mighty way to care for people. I know that. I’ve known ever since she was itty bitty that there was something huge in store for her. 

She’s fearless. She’s courageous. She’s brave. She’s all these things I wish I could be. 

She has talked about being a soldier on and off for more than a year. And then this writing piece came home from school, solidifying the whole thing.

“I want to be a soldier. First, I need to be able to build things. Next, I will have to learn new things. Last, I have to work with others. I LOVE TAKING CARE OF PEOPLE WHO ARE IN DANGER. I DO NOT WANT PEOPLE GETTING HURT.” 

It completely captures my daughter’s heart. 

This girl is wired to protect.

This girl is wired to defend.

This girl is wired to love sacrificially.

While I’m a bit scared of what the future might hold for my child, my mama’s heart is so proud of who she is. 

My mama’s heart does not take this lightly.
My mama’s heart is honored to have the opportunity to raise a little girl with a fighter’s spirit because she’s going to change the world. 

Originally published by Her View From Home.

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