Finding Rest in God

Sweet friend, what weighs on your heart today? I know something is hiding behind the smile you try to show the rest of the world. Something is pulling you down, but you keep pushing through it.

Friend, I know you have been running, trying not to acknowledge it.

Take it to God. Put it at his feet. He longs for you to come close. He longs to give you rest and encouragement. He longs to strengthen you and give you peace that can only come from him.

Why do you keep pretending? Why do you keep running?

He’s calling your name. Don’t you hear it? He’s chasing after you. Don’t you see it?

He longs for you to see that he can be your everything, no matter what you’re facing right now. Nothing is too hard for him. Nothing is too big for him. Nothing is too scary for him. Nothing is beyond him.

Friend, I pray that you rest in him today.

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