God Uses Imperfect People

The Bible is filled with imperfect people pointing to the perfection of God.

It’s filled with stories of people who messed up time and time again, and yet God used them. Even mighty people of faith like David and Abraham were flawed, but God used them for tremendous things.

God can and will use you.

Don’t allow the mistakes of the past to keep you paralyzed. Our God is a God of love, mercy, and redemption. He is a God who wants to show his glory through the imperfect.

God is a God of transformation.

Will you allow him to transform your heart? Will you allow him to use all the seemingly insignificant pieces of your life?

When you do, you are a testament to God’s love, mercy, and redemption. When you do, you show that a perfect God uses imperfect people to bring glory to his name.

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