To the Mama Feeling a Pang of Jealousy Over Back-to-School Pictures

To the mama feeling a pang of jealousy over back-to-school pictures,

Mama friend, I see you. You’re sitting on the couch nursing a baby while a toddler runs around, asking when you’ll be ready to play. You’re scrolling through your phone, and you see one back-to-school picture after another. For a moment, you wish you could be sharing those photos.

You so desperately wish for a break from the chaos of caring for little ones. You long for a reprieve, but it feels like that moment will never arrive.

I know there are times you want to wish these days away. I know you want your kids to grow up so you can have a breath, a little bit of independence. But I also know that in your heart you know you’ll miss it when that day finally arrives.

Read the rest of my article at Her View From Home.

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