Book Review of Don’t Wake the Dragon

I have partnered with The Children’s Book Review and author Bianca Schulze to bring you a special book review and giveaway of her newest book, Don’t Wake the Dragon.

Don’t Wake the Dragon is an engaging book for young children. Any parent who knows how difficult it is to get children asleep (and to stay asleep) each night will relate to not wanting to disturb the dragon in this story.

Bianca Schulze invites children to actively take part in this story by rubbing the dragon’s scales, singing happy birthday to the knights, blowing out the candles, doing a quick dance, etc.). My children giggled throughout the entire read aloud. Each time they were to check to see if the dragon was still sleeping, they leaned in close and turned the page with great anticipation. As soon as we finished, they asked to read it again.

Don’t Wake the Dragon is a wonderful bedtime story to help children giggle and wiggle before it’s time to settle in for the night. The beginning of the book is full of the activities they should do to make sure the dragon stays asleep, but then a shift is made to settle children and prepare them to go to sleep.

The change in text size throughout the story helps even the most reluctant readers read with inflection.

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Written by Bianca Schulze
Illustrated by Samara Hardy

Publisher’s Synopsis: Shhh! Be very quiet. The rascally dragon is finally asleep. But, when the page turned, the breeze blew the door shut with a BANG! Did it wake up the dragon? Create a fantastic bedtime experience by reading this interactive story featuring a reluctant-to-sleep dragon—a character that children will surely relate! Designed to be read aloud, parents will take pleasure in the playful text as much as children will enjoy hearing it. When the story finally comes to an end, and the gentle lullaby is repeated, the dragon – and your child! – are encouraged to drift off to sleep.

Ages 2-6 | Publisher: Clever Publishing | July 28, 2020 | ISBN-13: 978-1949998641

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