Relaxation from an Unlikely Source

The sound of a dishwasher is relaxing.


Strange, right?


I didn’t grow up with one. We had a dishwasher, but it was only used for big holiday meals.


My hubby’s family, on the other hand, used theirs regularly. Whenever we spent the night, the dishwasher ran as we all relaxed in front of the TV.


I didn’t give much thought to it until we bought a house this year that came with a dishwasher. There is something relaxing about it. Maybe it’s that it signifies the end of a day.


It’s a reminder that I made it through the craziness of two little ones: all their spills, dirty dishes, and smudgy handprints on everything. It runs after everything has been cleaned up and the kids are in bed. It runs as my hubby and I catch up on life over a snack and a drink. It runs as the house grows calm and quiet.


It makes me think back to those quiet times years ago before kids.


Just as it cleans residue off a bunch of dishes that will be used the next day, it also cleans the weariness from me.


While it might be silly, I now pay attention to the background noise of the dishwasher, and I’m thankful for the free minutes I get to reflect on my day and prepare for the next one.


Even in the midst of the craziness, I smile because I am blessed. This season of life feels absolutely chaotic and overwhelming at times, but there are so many wonderful moments. Let me reflect on them instead of the mess of each day.


Maybe there’s something about your evening routine that is relaxing. Maybe you don’t even give it a second thought. Over the next few nights, think about it. Pay attention to the one seemingly insignificant part of your day. Allow yourself to pause and enjoy the moment. Allow yourself to be refreshed and ready to take on the next day.



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