When We Need a Solitary Place

Last weekend my family and I got away to the mountains. I was fairly caught up on work (which never happens), so we decided to take the opportunity to get away for a couple days. I love getting away to the mountains, but it can be stressful because there’s no internet or cell service at the cabin. Even though I’ve never considered myself a techy person, I do realize that I rely on technology. My jobs require an internet connection, so sometimes it’s hard to unplug, even for 48 hours.


Being disconnected made me realize that so many of us think we need to be connected to everything all the time. We are afraid we are going to miss out on something if we don’t have it at our fingertips.


What I realized about that weekend away was that sometimes we need to allow ourselves to travel to a solitary place. We need to pull away from it all. The stress we feel in this world comes from ourselves. We allow our minds to be inundated by too many voices instead of The Voice that matters.


You know what? I didn’t miss out on anything by being disconnected.


I didn’t miss the political rants on Facebook.


I didn’t miss people trying to sell me their products.


I didn’t miss hearing about all the evil happening around the world.


I didn’t miss the stress of having to portray myself a certain way.


I didn’t miss deadlines.


I didn’t miss out on anything.


That weekend, I got to focus on my family and myself. I got to pull away from it all and enjoy nature, giggles from little ones, and a husband who took the kids on a hike so I could have a few moments of peace.


I enjoyed unscheduled days.


I enjoyed time with the hubby and kids.


I enjoyed taking a nap.


I enjoyed reading for fun.


I enjoyed just being.


How glorious! As hard as it is for me to unplug, I know it’s what I need to stay spiritually and relationally healthy.


How about you? Is it time to find a solitary place?

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