Men, Be Spiritual Fathers

Happy Father’s Day!

This morning, the pastor invited all the men up on stage at the end of the church service. They gathered together on the stage while he talked about the importance all men have to impact those around them. I had tears in my eyes as I watched the lines of men fill the stage because that demonstration brought attention to the power and influence of a man.

It was proof that you don’t need to be a dad in order to make an impact on the next generation. Men need to step up and take their faith seriously. They need to be the hands and feet of Jesus, because there are so many people watching them and following their lead. What they do does matter, but too often they abdicate their roles, which is a detriment to society.

I am blessed to have a husband who has a passion for helping men become who God created them to be. My daughters are blessed to have a dad who sets and example of how men are to be leaders in their homes and communities.

The sad reality is that’s not the case for many people. Men need to man up and become warriors who fight for God. They are mighty instruments God can and will use to bring a much needed change to this world, but so many men have forgotten who they’re meant to be.

I’m not raising any sons, but I do have two daughters who will one day marry men who are being raised today. I pray for those young boys. I pray that the men in their lives are holding them to a high standard. I pray they are being influenced by godly men who with speak truth into their lives and raise them to be men who will lead my daughters and their families.

Men need to take their role and influence seriously. Not all of the men up on that stage this morning were fathers, but they all have someone who is watching and learning from them. Men, step up, man up, and be spiritual fathers who show the next generation how to be men of God.

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