Book Review – Can You Spot the Leopard? An African Safari

I have partnered with The Children’s Book Review and author Karen B. Winnick to bring you a book review of Karen’s newest book, Can You Spot the Leopard? An African Safari. Be sure to check out the book giveaway at the end of the page.

An African safari is filled with all kinds of stunning creatures that most people have never seen face to face. If you have always wanted to go on a safari, which animals do you hope to see? Elephants? Giraffes? Cheetahs? Or the elusive leopard? 

Join Karen B. Winnick as she takes readers on an adventure in her book Can You Spot the Leopard? An African Safari.

This engaging picture book is told through poems and stunning illustrations. As the sun rises above the African savanna, readers jump inside the jeep to explore all that this land has to offer. The illustrations act as a slideshow of pictures from the safari – from seeing flamingos feed first thing in the morning to the leopard coming out at night to hunt

Thirty-one animals are highlighted in this book, so it’s a perfect introduction to the wildlife that lives on the African savanna. Karen B. Winnick gives readers a glimpse into the animals’ physical appearances, their mannerisms, and their daily activities.

We see African favorites such as elephants, giraffes, and lions. But we also get to see some of the lesser-known creatures such as bat-eared foxes and dik-diks.

Additional information about each animal mentioned in the book is shared at the end through explanatory paragraphs. It’s ideal for the budding zoologist. This is the perfect addition to any classroom library, and it’s a must-read during content themes of animals and biomes. 


Can You Spot the Leopard? An African Safari

Created by Karen B. Winnick

Ages 7+ | 48 Pages

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group | ISBN-13: 978-1626349759

Publisher’s Book Synopsis: Can You Spot the Leopard? is author/artist Karen B. Winnick’s newest picture book, an adventuresome African safari presented through poems and full-color paintings. Readers begin at sunrise, climbing into a jeep for a bumpy ride to view the wondrous animals as they would on a real safari. All the poems are based on real observations of what animals do in the wild, related in an accessible way. There’s even a sighting, finally, of the elusive leopard, before returning to safari camp under a starry night. At the back of the book, further information is related about each animal. A fun, informational, educational adventure to read and reread.

Ms. Winnick is an animal enthusiast, president of the Los Angeles Zoo Commission, and author of more than a dozen picture books, including Gemina: The Crooked-Neck Giraffe, How Lucky Got His Shoe, and Mr. Lincoln’s Whiskers.


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KAREN B. WINNICK is the author of more than a dozen picture books for children, most of which she illustrated. An animal lover, she serves on several boards devoted to the well-being of animals. She’s a graduate of Syracuse University, mother of three grown sons, grandmother of eight, and minder of five pups.

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