Author Interview with Alexa Palmer

I have partnered with The Children’s Book Review and author Alexa Palmer to bring you a special interview with Alexa Palmer about her latest book, Jolene: Adventures of a Junk Food Queen.

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Tynea: What inspired you to write Jolene: Adventures of a Junk Food Queen?

Alexa: Watching kids overeat junk food rather than choosing healthier choices day in and day out, I had a desire to turn it around through a fun, fantasy story instead of just a factual format type book which I thought never really peaked a child’s interest for change. I went through a lot of books, and most on the subject matter was kind of boring for kids.

Tynea: What type of junk food has been hardest for you to eat in moderation?

Alexa: I have a hard time with cookies, chips, and ice cream. I must say I have improved!

Tynea: What are your favorite healthy snack choices?

Alexa: I love cut-up veggies like celery, peppers, broccoli, beets, and carrots with hummus dip. I also love nuts, especially walnuts, almonds, and pistachios! Peanuts are heart healthy – love them! Also, dates, cut-up apples, and pineapple. And popcorn, I love!

Tynea: When it comes to staying fit and healthy, what is your favorite activity?

Alexa: Swimming, jumping jacks, and exercise bikes. I used to play a lot of tennis but switched it up.

Tynea: If a family feels overwhelmed about changing their eating habits, what is one small, simple change they can make to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle?

Alexa: Research all the fun, healthy dishes and recipes out there today. Be creative with your healthy food for the entire family. Make colorful veggie platters with healthy dips. Jumpstart it the fun way! Put healthy foods on your shopping lists and do not have a lot of junk food available in the kitchen. After a while, you will choose the healthy stuff out of habit! Also, hydrate often – lots of liquids! It is hard and overwhelming at first, but like everything else in life, the more you do it, the easier it gets!

Tynea: What key lesson about nutrition do you hope readers take away from your book?

Alexa: I hope kids take away the ability to make healthier choices. I hope they will start to eat more fruits and veggies and only have junk food in moderation. Also, less sugar and sweets. I hope they develop a healthy journey in life like little Jolene. She is their role model! I hope future generations will make healthy choices, active choices for a better quality of life.

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Jolene: Adventures of a Junk Food Queen
Created by Alexa Palmer and Catharine Kaufman
Illustrated by John Martinez and Hayden Mills
Ages 4-10 | 60 Pages
Publisher: Palmer and Kaufman | ISBN-13: 978-0-615136301

Publisher’s Book Summary: Jolene loves junk food. She loves it so much she wears red licorice in her hair–and pink taffy underwear! The Munch Bunch calls her “The Junk Food Queen.” Then, one night in her dreams, she meets a bunch of cool characters who take her on an incredible, edible journey into a world of juicy fruits, super salads, and yummy smoothies.

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Alexa Palmer resides in Rancho Mirage, California, where she has raised three daughters- Alexandra, Stephanie and Christina. A preschool teacher who has been passionate about writing since the age of 8, Alexa also has a background in performing arts from the University of London and Oxford University. She is a published songwriter formerly studying under the tutelage of the late Buddy Kaye and is excited about launching the musical version she created for Jolene.

Catharine Kaufman is a nationally syndicated food columnist, blogger, author, magazine writer and TV chef. She credits her growing expertise in good nutrition for her survival and recovery from breast cancer and shares that expertise to help keep her family, friends and fans in good health. Writing her columns under the moniker “The Kitchen Shrink,” Catharine dispenses advice on topics that include smart grocery shopping, food facts and folklore, unforgettable dinners on a shoestring, solving cooking disasters and putting the skids on colds, flu and other ailments with healing ‘food chemistry.’

Showing off her humorous culinary savvy, Catharine was featured in a “Kitchen Shrink” mini series produced by Time-Warner, which included such segments as Kitchen Play Date with Kids, and Pantry Preparedness. She also did a stint as radio host and sidekick of restaurant reviewer and food guru Merrill Shindler on KLSX, Los Angeles. As a founder and partner of, the healthy gourmet cooking and food safety blog, Catharine has been garnering kudos from foodies around the world for her featured columns on that long-established site.

Through its offbeat humor, Catharine’s well-received children’s book with collaborator Alexa Palmer, “Jolene – Adventures of a Junk Food Queen,” motivated her two daughters and other children to participate in her cooking classes, as well as to acquire healthier eating habits than many of their peers. “Jolene…” has also been endorsed by the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and is being sold on Amazon and other outlets. Ever since discovering her inner foodie, Catharine has been in her element, focusing her energy and passion on weaning as many people—but especially children and young adults—off toxic foods and guiding them on a fun journey to healthy living.

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