Book Giveaway – Merry Christmas, Eve!

I have partnered with The Children’s Book Review, Krueger Wallace Press, and Riven Rock Projects to bring you a special book giveaway for Adam Wallace’s newest book, Merry Christmas, Eve!


Merry Christmas, Eve!
Written by Adam Wallace
Illustrated by Lena Bardy

Ages 4+ | 36 Pages
Publisher: Krueger Wallace Press & Riven Rock Projects | ISBN-13: 9780648973737

“The day before Christmas is a very special day,
That never had its own name.
But that all changed when one special elf,
Rose to glory and fame.
Eve was an elf with such get up and go,
She worked hard and loved to play.
But the Head Elf ran Christmas with an iron fist,
And this was what he had to say…”

Adam Wallace has written stories about elves before (How to Catch an Elf), but Eve is by far his favorite elf!

Adam also has a mother who still makes him write a letter to Santa every year, and puts a stocking at the end of his bed … he doesn’t mind!

With over 82 books published, Adam believes Eve can outshine them all!

For more information, visit

ENTER HERE for your chance to win a copy of Merry Christmas, Eve!

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