The Beauty of Change

We’re in the middle of this beautiful time where the leaves are changing. The colors around us pop, and there’s beauty everywhere.

But we wouldn’t have that beauty without change.

I have been someone to shy away from change. I usually want things to stay the same. I want things to be constant and predictable.

But without change, we wouldn’t grow. We wouldn’t become who we’re supposed to be.

If things didn’t change, I wouldn’t have the beautiful blessings I have now. And if things stop changing, I will miss out on some pretty incredible things that are to come.

Yes, there’s always some heartache with change, and some change brings about more sorrow than others. But it also creates beauty.

I’m learning to look for that beauty. I’m learning to accept change and not fight it with everything in my being. I’m learning to find the adventure in change.

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