The Mess that Surrounds You

Saturday mornings are for sweet treats. My girls love baking. They both tell people they want to be pastry chefs in the future, so they are always eager to help.

But baking with little ones always means there’s going to be more of a mess than if I do it on my own. Cleaning up from our adventures in the kitchen is not at the top of my list, but as I was wiping up splatters of batter and puffs of flour that escaped while mixing ingredients, I saw this beautiful design on the stove.

It made me think about how many beautiful moments are found in the middle of messes. Too often, we focus on the mess of our situation instead of the wonderful thing God is doing in the middle of it.

What mess is surrounding you right now?

What beauty do you see in it? Focus on that. Focus on all that God is doing.

Are you having a hard time seeing something that could be beautiful? Pray. Cry out to God, asking him to reveal himself in the middle of the mess. Ask him to help you focus on the good instead of the struggle.

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