When You Can’t See the Whole Picture

My husband is in the final six months of seminary. For nine years, he was a teacher, but during that time, he felt God nudging him toward ministry. We prayed about it but didn’t know what all of it meant. We didn’t know where God was leading, but we could feel him stirring something within us. Michael resigned from his teaching career in 2019 to pursue seminary education full-time. We didn’t know how everything was going to work out, but just as God does, He made a way. We couldn’t see all the pieces, but we knew it was the next step.

It can be scary at times, but we know God is calling our family to a life of ministry. We have no idea where God is going to lead us next. All we know is He’s going to lead because we’ve seen Him do it in the past. I’m the type of person who wants to know every detail and how those details are going to come together. If there is too much risk involved, it’s harder for me to jump in and be okay with the unknown. Despite all the unknowns, I jumped head-first into this. That peace could only come from God.

Is God stirring something in your heart? Something big, scary, and life-altering? It’s so easy to let fear put out those sparks because we want to live a life that is comfortable, but I’m realizing more and more that following Jesus is not about being comfortable. It’s about being willing to give up our comfort, our status, our possessions, and to truly follow Him.

So, what do you do when you feel a nudging to explore a new path?

Read the entire article in the January 2021 issue of Faith on Every Corner.

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