Prayer of Reflection Before a New Year

A prayer for everyone who has had a tough year…

Lord, I come to you broken, ready for this year to end but fearful of what the next year holds. This year has been filled with challenges and disappointments I never thought I’d face.

But even in the midst of darkness, your light has been lighting my way.

Even in the midst of uncertainty, your voice has been reassuring me.

Even in the midst of the pain, your hand has comforted me.

Even in the midst of the brokenness, you are working to bring restoration.

Even in the midst of the tears, you are rejoicing over me with singing.

You were with me in the midst of it all.

You have never left my side. Thank you for your constant presence. Thank you for pulling me through, and I ask that you go before me. Show me the way in this new year. I trust in you, for you have never failed me. Amen.

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