Five Minute Friday: Inspire

I am participating in Five Minute Friday…free writing about one word for five minutes. This week’s word is INSPIRE.


We all have the opportunity to breathe inspiration into this world. It might be through artwork, writing, construction, or baking. What we do matters. What we say and create has power to transform someone’s life, but too many times we don’t see the power in what we do. We don’t allow ourselves to be an inspiration to others.

Take a moment and pray about how you can be an inspiration to someone else.

It might be something as simple as your attitude toward situations (let me tell you, when I am around someone who does not allow themselves to be negative, I am inspired to be the same way—and it turns my whole day around).

What is one simple thing you can do today to inspire someone else and bring hope to someone else’s darkness?

I will allow my gifts, no matter how big or small, to be an inspiration to someone else. I might not be able to see it, but someone else will. And they will then have the courage to inspire others.

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