The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) celebrates the importance of writing each year on October 20, which is right around the corner. It has made me reflective on the importance of writing in my own life. It feels as though it’s always been a part of me, and my passion for it grows more each year.

But why do I write? There are many, many reasons. I write to release emotions, escape, encourage, reflect, invent, etc. The list goes on and on. Why do you write?


I am not a speaker. So often I fumble over spoken words. They don’t come out of my mouth the way I intended, but it’s different with writing. The words flow so much better, and they bring comfort to me.

I started keeping a journal in middle school, and the reason behind it makes me laugh. There was a boy I liked (who didn’t like me back), but I wanted to write a story about the ups and downs of liking him, so I started documenting the events that happened surrounding our friendship. That story didn’t come to fruition, but others did, and journaling became a wealth of information to pull from to put into the stories.

Then high school came, and I found myself facing some medical issues. Journaling was something that made sense. I could vent my frustrations, express my fears, and find hope in a better future through writing. My entries became a reflection of my heart, and I found that my mind could process events much better by capturing thoughts on a paper. Writing was an outlet to get me through tough times.


I always thought I wanted to write/publish novels. There are almost a dozen novel manuscripts sitting in files on my computer (and dozens others that have been started), but the pieces I’ve had published are pieces of encouragement. I’ve written for a teen devotional magazine for the past couple of years, and I’ve found a passion for speaking truth and encouragement into the lives of others.

Three years ago I found myself in the new role that became more inspiration for writing. I became a mom.

Mothering is the most exciting, difficult, exhilarating, and tiring role I have ever had in my life. Nothing compares to it. There have been highs and lows on this journey. There are days I feel like I am right where I’m supposed to be, and then there are days I wonder why I’m called me to be a mom because I don’t feel like I quite measure up. My heart needed to be encouraged, and I found many voices speaking who spoke encouragement into the lives of worn out, weary, and defeated moms. That’s what I needed, and soon I found a desire in my own heart to pass on encouragement to moms who felt the same way.

Stepping out in faith is extremely scary for me because I like to have a plan. I like to know what’s going to happen, and I like to feel qualified. I had none of those in hand, but I knew God was leading the way, so I started blogging for other young moms whose hearts needed to be encouraged.


A lot of people remember loved ones through pictures or possessions passed down. I want my mark to be left through writing. Even after I am gone, my words will remain, and I pray they will be an encouragement to future generations. Though times may change, the core of who we are as humans will not.

When I journaled in high school, I remember writing down thoughts, feelings, and events so my own children would be able to see that I experienced the highs and lows of being a teenager, but I didn’t give much thought to what it meant to leave a legacy. But my writing can be a gift to my children, grandchildren, and anyone else who reads my words. My writing can be something that shows what I’ve valued in life, where I’ve found my purpose, and Who has directed the steps along the journey. My writing reveals my testimony.

With each passing year, my reason for writing evolves, but I still love it. It’s still a part of me. I believe God has placed this passion in my heart to reach people for Him. I didn’t always have that mindset, but I’ve begun to see how it can be used for something bigger than myself.

Why do you write?

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