Precious Blessings

On my heart today are those dear mommas who have lost babies.

Those mommas who have never held their precious child in their arms. Those mommas who had a sweet child welcomed into the arms of God too soon. Those women who long to be mommas. They are all on my heart today.

I admit, there are moments I just want a break from motherhood, moments it would be nice to be in control of my entire day. I remember life before children. It was easy (even though I didn’t think so at the time). I could go to the grocery store without having to plan it around nap times. I could sleep until when I wanted on the weekends. For crying out loud, I could pee in peace.

Yes, life was easier then, but it is so much more blessed now. God reminds me of that at the perfect times when I feel exhausted. Sometimes I get caught up in my own frustrations that I forget how good I have it.

I have friends who have lost babies, friends who have struggled with infertility, friends who would give anything for sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and a crying baby. How ungrateful am I to complain about a tough day with my little ones!

Today, I’m going to thank God when my baby cries.

When my toddler makes a mess at lunch.

When she begs to play outside when I want to clean the house.

When my baby would rather be rocked in my arms than put down in her crib.

When my toddler tests my patience.

I am going to thank God for these two blessings in my life.

For those mommas who hurt from losing a child, know that I’m praying for you today. You are on my heart, and I am lifting you up to God. May He comfort you in a way only He can.
For those tired mommas wanting a break, I’m praying that God reminds you of the incredible blessing in your arms. Squeeze your kids a little tighter, and as you do, please join me in saying a prayer for those mommas who wish they could do the same.

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